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Virtual Data Room Comparison – Questions That Will Help You Compare


On average 140 people search for “Virtual Data Room Comparison” globally on Google each month. There are many options when setting up a dataroom and with so much choice out there, it is easy to be overwhelmed. In the past, we have already discussed the most common mistakes that people make when choosing a data room provider and the factors to take into account when comparing providers. Here are...

Virtual Data Rooms vs. File Sharing Services


When it comes to sharing files on a day-to-day basis, free file sharing services (such as Dropbox and Google Drive) have been the common go-to for many. However, whilst these file sharing services are inexpensive and seem effective for personal use, the concerns surrounding their security, limited functionality and control may be why there are many cases for businesses in which a data room could...

The top 10 ways to use a secure virtual data room


Did you think virtual data rooms were just for mergers and acquisitions? Think again. There are many various deals and transactions which virtual data rooms can help you with. Below are our top ten. 1. Selling your business This is the most common reason for needing a virtual data room. In this case, the VDR replaces the physical deal room, and allows prospective buyers to review your business’s...

Safe Data Destruction tips from a Virtual Data Room Provider


“How do you as a Virtual Data provider destroy your documents? What should I do to destroy our data?” A very good client asked us this question the other day. We will focus on the second question today and will soon give you more in depth insights in a future post. The first thing that everyone needs to understand is that “DELETE” is not enough. Keeping your confidential...

Six Dataroom Tips to fight Social Engineering


So, as we discussed, social engineering is usually the weakest link in document and IT security. Our virtual dataroom clients frequently ask us for advice or best practices to fight social engineering. Here are the top 6 we tell them: 1.Protect Your Passwords This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. People regularly give out passwords without realizing it, for...

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